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Dr. Steven D. Starkman, O.D.


Diagnosis, Treatment, and Management of Eye Disease and Disorders of Vision

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After nearly 40 years on Cedar Lane, Czin Optical  has become the premiere source for quality eyewear.  We  treat our patients like friends offering an unhurried relaxed atmosphere, and  the most unique collection of boutique frames along with the best quality lenses anywhere.  Come in today for a different kind of optical experience.

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 Why settle for what everybody else is wearing? At Czin we can help you find the look and style that is best for your facial features  and coloring, so you will look your best.  We also offer premium digital and progressive lens designs that offer superior optical quality .  Call or stop by today. 

About Dr. Starkman


 Dr. Steven D. Starkman is a graduate of the Pennsylvania College of Optometry.  He is certified in the use of prescription medications, and with over 30 years experience, he has the knowledge and expertise to diagnose and treat your eye and vision problems in children and adults.  He treats and manages conditions of the eye and visual system using prescription and non-prescription medications, as well as glasses and contact lenses.  He really cares about his patients, so you count on him to also answer all of your questions.  Call for an appointment today. 

How We Can Help You

Our Frames


Our frames are unique because you're unique.  We  believe that if you wanted to look like everybody else there are many places you could go for your eyewear needs.  But if you want your own look, your own style, something that people will notice; that even strangers will compliment, then we are your destination for eyeglasses that make a difference.  Czin Optical features many boutique collections, but our most popular is the Igreen frame.  An extremely light weight frame that is engineered without screws,  so nothing gets loose or pops out.  They stay put, but the move with your face, so there are no marks on your nose, or sore spots behind your ears.  Available in dozens of shapes and stock colors; all the side arms are interchangeable making them available in so many  color combinations.  As if that were not enough, we can also make you a custom pair in over 100 patterns, two finishes, different sizes, and dozens of side arm colors.  Be your own person.  Ask us for an Igreen Custom frame today.

Our Spectacle Lenses


 We feature premium single vision and  offer digital lens technology, and superior progressive multifocal lenses by Varilux and Shamir.   Available lens materials include CR-39, High Index plastic, Polycarbonate, Trivex, and Transitions.  We can have them all made with the Synergy Crystal anti-reflective coat, or Crizal brand A/R treated lenses.   We even have Blue Light blocking lenses to prevent fatigue from looking at screens for extended periods.  Whatever your needs, we have the right lens for you.

Our Contact Lenses


 Contacts are for just about everyone.  Whether you  were  unsuccessful with your previous eye doctor, have astigmatism, need a multifocal design so you can read with your contacts, or have a very high prescription, chances are there is a contact lens for you.  Dr. Starkman, a leading Optometrist in Teaneck, has the contact lens expertise and experience to make sure you succeed.  With his individualized approach, you will wear only the lens that is best for you.  He fits lenses for daily and extended wear, as well as soft and  gas permeable lenses in most any design available.  Call him today for a contact lens fitting.

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